There are varieties in both summer and winter squashes, but guidelines are generally the same for them all:

- Frost will kill them, so germinate indoors until there is for sure no more frost.
- They should be planted at a depth of 4 inches.
- They need Full sun
- Water regularly
- A layer of mulch/compost will keep weeds down and feed the plant

Enemies and Pests - I'm copying and pasting this shit:

The Cucumber Beetle is the dreaded pest of all members of the Cucurbita family. Cucumber Beetles are either striped or spotted. They feed on the leaves of the plants, and can cause even greater damage. They spread disease from one plant to another. They are effectively treated with most insecticides.

Squash Vine Borers (SVB's) are a serious problem in some areas. SVB's bore into the vine, and eats the vine from the inside out. Untreated, it ends your season.

As a member of the Cucurbita family, most squash are susceptible variety of bacteria and fungus diseases. Among the most common, are powdery mildew and bacterial wilt. Plant disease problems are most common in hot and humid weather. A strong plant, healthy plant and fungicide treatment will help avoid these problems. Treat with fungicides at the first sign of problems.

SO, I'm not sure what our stance on pesticides is…but it sounds like squash does benefit from them.

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