-Plant in full sunlight, in loose slightly acidic soil
-Before planting, let seed potatoes sit for one or two weeks in full sunlight so they can sprout. Then cut them up into little 1 inch cubes to plant.
-They do require a lot of space if planted in rows, but you can fit them into a more confined area if they're planted in mounds (circles) or in tires.
-As they grow, soil needs to be hilled up to cover the plant whenever it reaches about 4-6 inches in height- this stops tubers from reaching the surface and turning green.
-They need regular watering, especially when flowering.
-To protect against pests, don't plant them where tomatoes or eggplant were grown the year before-they're from the same family and attract the same bad things.
-They can be planted right now! May is an excellent time to get them in the ground. They can be harvested about 2-4 months after planting, depending on if you want new potatoes or storage potatoes.

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