Our Administration

This is the official decision making body of UH and each member is responsible for overseeing a specific area of the project.

Secretary : responsible for keeping minutes and all other documents of the project. May include land use contracts with land donors

Logistics co-ordinators : responsible for the "ground work" organizing, including garden prep, harvesting and goods exchange.

Volunteer co-ordinator: Responsible for looking after volunteer commitments and communication as well as caring for and loving every person who plants a seed in the heart of UH and its members

Chair: responsible for overseeing all members meetings as well as for caring for and nurturing the rest of the administrative types. As well as the go to person between UH and LSPIRG (our parent organization and funder)

Treasurer: Responsible for being the capitalist pig dog in charge of overseeing the Budget and finances of UH.

Community liaison (& Grammar Gestapo): the go to person with all community partners including landowners.

Marketing co-ordinators: responsible for building a face, name and brand for KWUH and making us as cool as apple pie.

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