November 29 2009
  • A concern was brought up about having a stronger volunteer base over the summer for KWUH to continue successfullly, collectively, and happily - how can we stimulate/maintain this? Ideas?
          • Start thinking about a plan of action for next September to maintain volunteer retention with the back to school storm.
          • Summer meetings will be held Sundays and Wednesdays in the evening (5 or 7ish). We wil be rotating plots for each meeting to ensure al lthe land is tended :)
          • We have been confimed space at the Kitchener's Farmers Market. We will be using the Farmer's Market community table. We will go once a month April and May to sell seedlings. 2x / month June, July, August, and September to sell produce. All funds raised will go back into the KWUH account.
          • Bryn is going to explore the criteria and possibility of KWUH hiring somebody for the summer to coordinate KWUH.

—> it was also suggested the places such as Seven Shores Cafe, Exhibit, Queen St. Commons might be interested in purchasing our produce. We should look intoo this

* We are hoping to do distrubte pamphlets about KWUH to neighbourhoods that look as though they have promising lawns - hopefully before Christmas. Bryn will get the printing done for cheap at Kinkos. Updates on this shall come soon - stay tuned.
* Nathan and Chaylene are meeting this Saturday, December 5th at 3:00pm at 55 Euclid to sus out a new webpage for KWUH. We are hoping to embed a google map on here where urbanites can post a backyard they would like to share, as well as, individuals looking for a backyard can post their interest. See


* seedlings will be planted march 1st 2010
* We are all to work on gathering recycled cups - such as coffee cups - to plant the seedlings in. Get as many as you can for we hope to have seedlings for our plots, as well as some to attempt selling at the Kitchener Farmers Market.
* Chaylene will call the Cambrdige and Waterloo dumps to see if we can get access to their compost for oru seedlings in March.
* Bryn will also look in his garbage cans to see if he has any compost leftover from last year we could use.

—> Apparently Tayler's nursery's dumpster has single cell containers we could dive for… whose up for it? :)
Space for seedlings includes

* Matt's attic — however, we might need to add some accessores to heat this space a little more - suggestions included using a mini-greenhouse and/or space heater and/or grow lights
* Bryn's porch - possibly useable, only if the things residing within the porch are moved in time
* Chaylene's basement and/or living room

1. Northdale - on Laurier campus - we are probably going to expand this this year
2. 55 Euclid - also going to be expanded from just the raised bed to the entire backyard being landscaped - as well as the front and side gardens
3. St. Andrews Church on Bridgeport - they want us to have a plot on their church - however, they need absolute assurance it will be tended and taken care f the whole season through - this shall be confirmed sometime in the next 2 weeks.
4. Robyn's - Hillside - Erin is going to contact Robyn to see if she is still interested in us using her garden this year. Erin wil also be asking Robyn if it would be possible for KWUH to implement a perrenial garden on this lot… exciting!!!!

—- are there any other plots we should add to this list?

- KWUH will definitely be hsoting some workshops this summer.
- Jeff, Andrew, and myself have a few interests we'd like to share. Workshops may inlude - vermicompositing, edible forest gardens, perrenial gardens, and no till gardening. Maybe we should do a survey for interest?

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