May 20th Minutes

Urban Harvester – Tuesday, May 20th 2008

Meeting called to order at 9:13 :-P
- Bryn thinks josh is a sexy piece of meat. Screw you, veggie boy!
- Plots have been designed. Now to set tilling times
- Need to get volunteers interested now.
- Need to have a general volunteer meeting.
- Meeting needs to have some tangible activity; planting seeds/herbs?
- Proposed date: Saturday not so much
- Needed; driver for herbs for Saturday.
- Since everyone is busy, we’ll try and do pairs; two executives at least to organize the volunteers each time, more can come if possible.
- Proposed date: Friday afternoon at 3 pm. 44 Dorset (behind bowling alley). Getting seedlings into planters
- We have another garden; somewhere between Queen/Ottawa. Name is Maxine; has an empty garden already tilled for us.
- Proposal; to use the house for experimental gardening.
- Thursday afternoon at 2: Sydney will go check out and measure the garden. Angela will set it up.
- Talking fundraiser: better to stay off-campus; Button factory? Registry? Maxwell’s music house, boathouse, artbar?
- Money is not a huge problem; we can get more if necessary from PIRG.
- Seed purchase will be from OSC; seedlings from Kayla in Barrie.
- Kayla is selling for $1/seedling, Home Depot is $2.
- Bryn will put some seedling prices up on the Wiki.
- Heritage seeds vs organic? Heritage is natural to the area.
- Which gardens need to get planted first?
- Do we want to do them all still, or scale back? We do have plenty of volunteers, once things actually get going.
- Instead of scaling back, perhaps prioritize? Mill St. and Ellen St, Waterloo St. and new lady come first.
- Tomatoes, asparagus,
- VOG: beans, peas, spinach, marigolds, etc.
- Cardill: root vegetables.
- We have access to visiting the McDougall garden to check out their stuff.
- Seeds that go directly into the ground: beans, peas, cucumbers, seed potatoes, carrots,
- Seedlings: Zucchini;
- Seedling purchase: Wednesday between 5-7. Sydney and Lauren will go.
- Sydney has already bought organic beans and peas seeds.
- Bryn waggles finger.
- Emily has kale peppermint spinach lettuce, sunflowers, cilantro, basil seeds
- We will ask volunteers to bring planter stuff if they have it.
- Herbs will go to Josh, Angela, Sydney, Emily balconies.
- Mulch/fertilizer available for $22/yard delivered from Elmira. Drop it off either Emily’s driveway or Mill St.
- Lauren will get mulch contact;

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