May 14 2008 Minutes

Urban Harvester : May 14th

Property Discussions:

- Worries about traffic, rabbits, large size
- Conclusion: root vegetables and cucumbers

Village on the Green:
- Already have people to maintain, small.
- Shady, get list from Facebook of good plants – salad greens etc.
- Beans and peas going up the fence, salad greens in the yard.

Herb discussion
- Easiest thing to do with balcony herbs: plant them in cardboard toilet paper tubes standing up in boxes
- Make up mixed herb boxes for balconies?

- We’ll need to be aware of the need for crop rotation, pest avoidance, etc;

Waterloo St:
- Lots of tomatoes, just tomatoes

Mill St:
- Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, a bit of asparagus

Laurel St.
- radishes, onions, peppers, no rhubarb, kittens, eggplante

Ellen St:
- cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage.

Balconies = herbs. Sydney, Erin, Angela

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