January 10 2010

Hello all!

1. Vermicomposting workshop
- make sure to specifically mention how to propagate worms, how long this takes etc
- ADVERTISING will be taken care of by Karen Carr
-> Avenues to advertise - UW groups such as Community Gardeners,Food Not Bombs and UW Sustainability Project - Foodies areas around town such as Exhibit cafe, health food stores - Karen will ask Little City Farm if they can advertise for us on their mailing list. — Community Gardening Council of the Region of Waterloo website / mailing list.

2. Movie Nights
- starting (hopefully) in the next few weeks, we'll will have bi-weekly movie nights. Films will include videos of various gardening techniques, examples of farms, and other such things. If you have any ideas of films you would like shown - send em ma way!
- Movie nights will be hosted most likely at the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Centre for Social Justice
- more details to come soon

3. Website
- it has been updated - if anyone has any recommendations for changes or alterations, please let me know
- Chay needs to complete the Get Growing page with more permaculture type things and various growing techniques resources
- Sustainable Cycles website will be added to the resource page. Does anyone else know of local groups/businesses we could add to the resource page? Lets make it BIG

4. Seed Selection
- lets do this collectively - on the KWUH website in the Forums section I have set up a Forum called "Seed Selection" Here we can brainstorm what seeds we want. Our restrictions are that the seeds must come from a certified organic source and preferably a Canadian source. When you list what seed type you like, please also list from which seed distributor and provide a link so I know where to order from when that time comes.

- nasturtiams (we could sell to restaurants! seven shores, uptown 21, exhibit…)
- eggplant
- strawberries
- malo plants
- lavendar
- day lilies (edible)

5. Additional Plots
- we have 2 additional plots giving us a total of 4 plots for this summer. See the KWUH webpage "Our Plots" to learn more about these. http://kw-uh.wikidot.com/our-plots
- Contact information, descriptions, and location for each plot is provided here.

Cheers and cherries!

Chaylene GS

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